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This page is only for editors of this wikia.

The follow list is meant as a working sheet including things needing fixing, things wanted and ideas. Keep it updated.

Type Thing Status Assigned
Fix Rename all pages to have " (TECx)" as last part of page name. including fixing current page links
Fix Categorize all pages to belong into TEC1 or TEC2
Fix Categorize all non-page pages (images, videos, etc.) to belong into TEC1 or TEC2
Fix Ensure all pages begin with a line saying something like "this page for TECx" and link to its respective category
Idea Consider renaming all non-page pages with "TECn_" prefix, and capitalize every word (eg "Unholy Dao" instead of "Unholy dao")
Idea TEC2. Make crafting guide (link to crafting items)
Idea TEC2. Make item guide for gaining specific effects (eg Instant kill)
Idea TEC2. Platform page. list whats the same and whats different among flash (ArmorGame/Kongregate), steam, mobile, Kartridge versions

  - stats look to be different from steam version, or maybe its from TEC1 but doubt it

  - flash version is a "stripped down demo". https://steamcommunity.com/games/368610/announcements/detail/1673525265385720862

  - link to all different versions/platforms

Idea TEC2. Mark all (sub)sections on a page when it only applies to premium version!

  - like NPC wounded soldier, researcher, and cave merchant. "New Game+" stuff

  - Premium: Skill infinity, magic +4

Idea TEC2. Make page with links to other guides/wiki. Maybe its a credits page?
Data TEC2. Guide + lots of spoilers (condense and steal/copy to wikia)



Data TEC2. steam version. guide (steal/copy, museum especially to wikia)



Idea TEC2. Rename to Guide? link to stats (gem) page

Exploration, TEC2_Properties

Idea TEC2. Add links for rewards (explain what item it is)


Data TEC2. Snippets of info not found elsewhere. read each post, not just first! steal/copy info.


Data TEC2. Compare item info


Data TEC2. Redo enemies page to include attack speed, drop chance and other data.

Data dump from source code (2015-02-23)


Idea TEC2. Add page (guide for beginners?) for explaining character levels (required experience), where to grind, where are the forges/shops and link to platform page for the different modes (eg Goo mode)