Enchanted cave Wiki

This is a town building within TEC2.

The museum is a stash of sorts, but mainly for an achievement on the platform it is hosted on. No benefit is given to your character for (not) using this building. It works by moving the item from your inventory to the museum, only 1 of the same item can be stored and be enchanted any way. Only natural artifact items (golden frame).

Column "Dropped" is using a shorthand notation where 0X, 1X, NX means floor level 01-09, 11-19, N1-N9 respectfully.

Items marked with * means premium only.


# Image Name Dropped on/by
1 Fire dagger.png Fire Dagger 0X
2 Tec2 katana.png Katan 1X, 2X
3 Vetri.png Vetri 2X
4 Kris blade.png Kris Blade 2X
5 Greatsword.png Greatsword 3X, 4X
6 Voltage.png Voltage 4X, 5X
7 Eagle's talon.png Eagle's Talon

4X, 5X


8 Striker.png Striker 5X, 6X
9 Wind longsword.png Wind Longsword 5X, 6X
10 Witch dagger.png Witch Dagger 6X, 7X
11 Flame dao.png Flame Dao 6X
12 Unholy dao.png Unholy Dao 6X, 7X
13 Kristina.png Kristina 7X
14 Soul reaper.png Soul Reaper 8X
15 Hero's sword.png Hero's Sword


Golden Dagger.png
Golden Dagger 8X, 9X
Blizzard Dagger.png
Blizzard Dagger 8X, 9X
Hellfire 9X
Destructor 9X
Ragnarok 100


# Image Name Dropped on/by
1 Goblin shield.png Goblin Shield 1X
2 Obsidian shield.png Obsidian Shield

2X, 3X

3 Glass shield.png Glass Shield 3X
4 Yeti shield.png Yeti Shield 4X, 5X


5 Pearl shield.png Pearl Shield 5X, 6X
6 Shield of the emperor.png Shield of the Emperor 6X, 7X
7 Lunar shield.png Lunar Shield 7X, 8X
8* Wizard Shield.png Wizard Shield 9X
9* Hero Defender.png Hero Defender 9X


# Image Name Dropped on/by
1 Hide Helmet 0X
2 Fine Steel Helmet 1X, 2X
3 Fungus Helm 1X, 2X
4 Vine Helm 2X, 3X
5 Titan Helmet 3X
6 Yeti Helmet 4X
7 Wizard Hood 5X, 6X
8 Lucky Wooden Helmet 6X, 7X
9 Berzerker Helmet 8X
10 Demonic Helmet 9X
11 Hero Helmet 9X

Body Armor[]

# Image Name Dropped on/by
1 Shiny Bronze Armor 1X, 2X
2 Fine Chainmail 2X
3 Magic Vest 4X
4 Icy Breastplate 5X (Frost Giant 5X-6X)
5 Toucalle Family Armor 6X, 7X
6 Thief Tunic 7X, 8X
7 Dragon Scale Mail 8X, 9X, 100 (Emerald Dragon 9X)
8 Void Armor 9X, 100
9 Hero Armor 9X

Leg Armor[]

# Image Name Dropped on/by
1 Mage Skirt 0X, 1X
2 Chainmail Chausses 2X
3 Thief Leggings 3X, 4X
4 Magic Trousers 5X
5 Pixie Pants 6X
6 Crystal Chausses 7X, 8X
7 Void Chausses 8X
8 Demon Chausses 8X, 9X
9 Destruction Chausses 9X
10 Hero Chausses 9X


# Image Name Dropped on/by
1 Hard Leather Boots 0X
2 Quality Work Boots 1X
3 Stone Boots 2X
4 Emerald Boots 2X, 3X
5 Web Boots 3X
6 Wizard Boots 4X, 5X
7 Gold Boots 6X
8 Light Mage Boots 6X, 7X
9 Unicorn Boots 8X
10 Ninja Shoes 8X, 9X
11 Void Boots 9X
12 Hero Boots 9X, 100

Hand Armor[]

# Image Name Dropped on/by
1 Shiny Steel Gauntlets 1X
2 Fingerless Gloves 2X
3 Mages Gloves 2X, 3X
4 Jewelled Gloves 3X, 4X
5 Wolf Gloves 4X, 5X (Undead Wolf 39-49)
6 Wizard Gauntlets 5X, 6X
7 Topaz Gauntlets 6X
8 Assassin Gloves 7X, 8X
9 Inferno Gauntlets 8X
10 Darkness Gauntlets 9X
11 Hero Gauntlets 9X


# Image Name Dropped on/by
1 Spark Ring 0X
2 Wooden Quartz Ring 0X, 1X
3 Pearl Ring 1X, 2X
4 Titan Ring 2X
5 Training Ring 2X
6 Burst Ring 3X
7 Shadow Ring 4X, 5X, 7X
8 Tornado Ring 5X, 6X, 7X
9 Blood Ring 7X
10 Regeneration Ring 7X, 8X
11 Assassin Ring 8X, 9X
12 Boost Ring 9X
13 Ring of Destruction 9X


Information taken from this steam post