Enchanted cave Wiki

In The Enchanted Cave 2, you can receive rewards through interactions with various NPCs.

The Lost Child[]

Lost Child.png

A child has entered the cave and become lost, and asks for your escape wings. If you give them up, he will give you a HP gem, a Mana gem, and an attack gem. You can regain new escape wings in another green chest.

The Researcher[]

Researcher.pngResearcher Inn.png

A researcher requests your escape wings. If you give them up, he will leave without giving you anything, but will give you Voltage if you track him down in the inn afterwards.

The Wounded Soldier[]

Wounded Soldier.pngWounded Soldier Small Potion.pngWounded Soldier Normal Potion.pngWounded Soldier Large Potion.pngWounded Soldier Ultimate Potion.pngWounded Soldier Town.png

A wounded soldier requests that you spare a potion to heal his wounds. He gives one reward immediately depending on the type of potion, and also a Striker after meeting you after you leave the cave.

  • For a lesser potion, he'll give a Magic Pickaxe
  • For a normal potion, he'll give Wizard Boots
  • For a greater potion, he'll give Pearl Shield
  • For the ultimate potion, he'll give Dragon's Blessing

The Fake Diamond Ring Seller[]

Fake Diamond Ring Seller.pngFake Diamond Ring Seller Cave.png

This merchant, met in the south part of town, will sell you a Fake Diamond Ring for 1000 gold. If you buy it, he'll later show up injured in the cave and request your escape wings. If you give them up, you can talk to the Innkeeper for Thief Gloves.

The Potion-Man[]


This man in the top right of the inn requests that you bring him Blue Jungle Berries from the cave. As these are cursed, they need to be transmuted first. If you do, he'll grant you an Ultimate Potion when you next escape the cave.

The Dagger Seeker[]

Dagger Seeker.png


The Ring Seeker[]

Ring Seeker.png

This lady in the center of town will trade you Mage Gloves for a Pearl Ring and a Fire Dagger

The Adventurer[]


This man in the top center of the inn will trade you an Agony stone for Dragon Scale Mail, once per game (reset at new game).

The Shady Merchant[]

Shady Merchant.png

This merchant hanging out in town just to the left of the inn will sell you artifacts of increasing rarity each time you leave the cave. Artifacts sold are:

  • Obsidian Shield for 450 gold
  • Emerald Boots for 475 gold
  • Wolf Gloves for 600 gold
  • Eagle's Talon for 700 gold
  • Pixie Pants for 1000 gold
  • Regeneration Ring for 1500 gold

The Cave Merchant[]

Cave Merchant.png

This merchant in the caves will sell you artifacts.