These are the quests in The Enchanted Cave 2

Blue jungle berries

Blue Jungle Berries Edit

Objective: Transmute Blue Jungle Berries

Talk to a man in the upper right corner of the Inn sitting at a table. He will say

"Hey, I wonder if you could help me out... There's these blue berries you see... I think I could make an incredible potion with them but I can't get them out of the cave. If you can figure out how, I'll definitely reward you!"

To complete:

1) Find Blue Jungle Berries (levels 28-39, or shop at 30, 40, or 70)

2) Use the Transmute spell on the berries so you can take them out of the cave

3) Go back to the man in the Inn. He will say "You have some of those berries! Could I use those to make a great health potion?" Give him the berries. He'll respond "Excellent! Come back tomorrow and I should have a potion ready!"

4) Come back later and he'll give you the "Ultimate HP Potion". Done!